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Looking Back

Jennifer Zawadzinski In the Moment photo project cameraPhotography was an integral part of my childhood. My dad loved taking pictures of my mom and our family. He had a Nikon F, a camera bag full of lenses and filters, even a Super 8 video camera, and would proudly hold slide shows at family gatherings.

My mom, Carol, was an operating room nurse and his high school sweetheart. She was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at 61 when she began to forget which instrument came next in surgery. My dad had a difficult time coping, so my brother and I managed Mom’s care. We lost Dad to a sudden heart attack several years into Mom’s illness.

Growing up, we took annual trips to Bermuda, spent summers at the Jersey shore or Vermont and would often travel with my grandmother, my mom’s mother, who developed Alzheimer’s too. Mom, who was the eldest of four sisters and lived in the same town, helped care for her.

These scenes photographed by my dad give you a window into our life.